Suspending Air Pressure Memory Pillow

Characteristic: the touch feeling of standard material is very gentle, tender and delicate, it can change shape at the very second be touched and its support and wrapping performance can be thought as comprehensive status; it can instantly sense the weight of the head, supporting and wrapping the head and neck to comfortable sleep posture in 4-11 seconds, the softness fits and supports head and neck, so that the no pressure feeling is presented, super mute energy absorption characteristic creates a comfortable sleep atmosphere, caring the cervical vertebra and protecting it from being damaged again; Special fat texture and tender elasticity can instantly match memory sleep posture with head rotation, supporting and caring head as well as neck softly and smoothly, which is easy as suspension. For people: it is suitable for the initial experience of suspending air pressure material, for people with sleep quality desired improvement and cervical vertebra repair needs.

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