“Bone-shape” design: it has very good wrap feeling to head neck and shoulder so as to fully satisfied with the sleeping position of flat lying or lying on the side and better meet the needs of users with cervical vertebrae problems. No matter how to turn over it can support the cervical vertebrae to the extreme extent and provide the most suitable support for fast sleepless in all round. There are Royals and high-end Black Horse chamois two kinds of pillowcases can be chose. Body sensing: newly upgraded Miami blue suspending memory material combined with GEL skin molecules blue-eye gel imported from Germany it further increased pillow’s support and flexibility. When the head fell on the pillow for 4-11 seconds the pillow is quickly sensed and automatically matched the user feels like lying on a large chunk of body fat the head neck shoulder connected with the large area of pillow closely so as to effectively reducing the space between back neck and the pillow and then distributing pressure of cervical vertebra pressure. Its similarity to human molecule reaches to 99.99% letting body temperature drop by 1 degree or so and then keeping constant temperature to relieve brain nerves and blood vessels finally in deep sleep condition.

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