MIAMI SERIES SUSPENDING GEL U-SHAPE CERVICAL CARE PROFESSIONAL TRAVEL PILLOW,Manual Black Horse chamois fabric pillowcase: it is suitable for bring during international long distance flights and daily travel, fully supporting, wrapping and caring the cervical vertebra, helping to fall asleep and caring for the neck in the whole journey, creating comfortable and first class experience for the journey. Characteristics: adopting JAHVERY suspending air pressure material, with flexible tactility and smooth surface, surrounding and supporting head and neck in 360-degree range; GEL gel material of block-shape in large area has the fleshy feeling like fat. When the cervical vertebrae touching it, it can sink automatically under force and wrap the head and neck, providing gentle care for cervical vertebrae. For people: Miami Luxury Gel U-shape pillow has fully ungraded for soft and comfortable support, especially suitable for taking or waiting for flight, high-speed rail, steamship, self-driving and other leisure or as a gift for others, it protects neck and promotes sleep. After wearing the flight pillow, it is possible to lie on the side comfortably if you turn the pillow to the lateral position, no matter how short or long the journey is, it is easy and helps you to restore physical strength during the journey.

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