JAHVERY Mattress MD-MASTER Pure Suspending Material Micr

The height of this type of mattress are: 7CM (suspending sleep comfortable type) it is suitable for people who need to improve their sleep quality; 10CM (supporting waist and caring spine deep sleep type) it is suitable for waist and spine problems such as people with acid and swelling problems on waist can immediately feel the waist relax and enter the sleep condition quickly;20CM (instant touch and support to relax the lumbar vertebra and spine deep sleep level) it is suitable for acid and swelling of waist spine problems the people with sleep problems can immediately feel the relax on waist suspension support and deep comfortable sleep. Body sensing: The suspending material of mattress is JAHVERY high standard memory material specific material molecular extrusion data can instantly feel the external self-weight and match memory sleeping position the bottom support force is exactly appropriate which makes the human body release more pressure than ordinary mattresses the balance between internal and external force reach the suspending critical value letting you enter the quick sleep atmosphere with no interference and no resistance. The material can be instantly provide support with the change of human posture so as to help to reduce the number of turn over making people would not easily turn over or awake after you sleep soundly ensuring and extending the time of deep sleep.

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