30 cm level deep sleep lumbar vertebra and spine care super

JAHVERY ME-MASTER SUSPENDING MATTRESS can match the force load layer according to body weight, so as support and sink to comfortable sleep position, mute support and do not interfere, the human body feels no pressure just like suspension, reducing sleep force and making people enter into deep sleep, at the same time to protect lumbar vertebra and spine. It is recommended to people with light sleep, insomnia, dreamy to wake up and turn over easily, soreness and swelling of waist muscle can feel no compression on lumbar vertebra and spine, as well as the deep deep. Inner core: suspending material + soft crystal gel memory cotton + high relief pressure spring + support memory cotton Functions: easing the acid and swelling of waist, supporting and fitting the waist spine, helping to quickly enter deep level sleep, high energy absorption does not interfere with each other, suspending material autonomously matches the memory to deep sleep. Advantage: 30CM (instant touch and support to relax lumbar vertebra and spine, deep sleep level) For people: it is suitable for acid and swelling of waist spine problems, the people with sleep problems can immediately feel the relax on waist suspension support and deep comfortable sleep. Body sensing: because the material can adapt to the particularity of sleeping position actively, even without pillow, it also can actively match sleep position and make the human body in suspension and relax state, comfortable support of waist, high efficiency of deep sleep.

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