Top white suspending material: it is the highest level in current products. The material is upgraded at the highest level fully improving the sleep quality. The head connection is increased by 3 times matching the head and neck weight in high efficiency instantly supporting the sinking and wrapping the body. Professional to create high efficiency deep sleep atmosphere. There are two heights: standard model of 12CM and low model of 8CM so as to meet the sleep needs of different groups. The new generation of J-GEL PROᶧ gel layer in Germany: the robot hatch green gel which is completely conforms to the international medical standard and is harmless to human body as the material it is extremely similar to the molecular structure of human skin. The gel surface is so white just like jade it represents the world's top manufacturing technology it also is the unique technology of JAHVERY until now. Couture Black Horse chamois pillowcase: because of its high price it is used only for supercars and luxury goods. With strong soft and tactility the black horse chamois completely eliminated the chemical tanning process of leather and it has better silky quality than natural chamois. It is gorgeous and noble in appearance with gentle skin inside even used in long time it will not become stiff but keeps being new it also can prevent sleep lines effectively. Advantages: The exquisite process comes from manual process of the non-mass production of JAHVERY. Each pillow lasts for 56 processing hours and more than 30000 embroideries which can be thought as art treasure.

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