Black Premium Gel Pillow (Green Rock)

For people: 1 centimeters higher than the ordinary pillow two kinds of high type can be chose the pillow type is suitable for all the people. Material: suspending flexible and soft materials strong sense of touch and sleep can match the weight of head and neck sinking to comfortable sleep position automatically gently supporting the cervical vertebra until it is wrapped steadily. Characteristics: rotating following the head and neck instantly absorbing and transferring the pressure changing the shape memory of pillow letting the cervical vertebrae and muscle relax gently feeling suspending experience with zero pressure adapting to various sleeping positions. Large square GEL green rock gel layer: set harsh flexibility data through the robot standard hatching production method.The color is silky and lovely it looks like the best jadeite with a full shape. Mute non-interference: reducing the times of turning over helping to enter the deep sleep level. Royals Series pillowcase: reducing the facial sleep lines because of the high cost it has been enjoyed only for a part of people. Highly public praise.

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