Black Premium Suspending Air Pressure I-II

The Black Premium material: A relatively high type of JAHVERY air pressure suspending material. Characteristics: increasing three times of softness compared with ordinary suspending materials and the touch feeling is deepened. Body sensing: emphasizing the suspending support sensing like body fat adsorbing the head in all directions relieving pressure and sinking connecting the head shoulder and neck closely. Open molecular structure material: dispersing pressure automatically match the head gravity and stop sinking when it reaches optimum height. For people: no matter what kind of body weight or sleeping posture with the users they can always achieve the ideal sleep height. No oppressive sense: the cheeks cervical vertebrae every nerve and blood vessel are taken care of to the greatest extent. German GEL Blue-eye Gel: the similarity to human molecule reaches to 99.99% letting body temperature drop by 1 degree or so and then keeping constant temperature to relieve brain nerves and blood vessels finally in deep sleep condition.

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