Children Bi-direction Pillow

Characteristics: adopting the standard suspending material the inward design fits the head closely which is designed for people with high requirements on sleep especially those children in growing developmental period. Advantages: its radian is fully fitted with the physiological curve of human neck whether lying flat or on the side it always can closely connect the neck so that the cervical vertebra can be relieved and relaxed. It is helpful to the healthy development of children’s cervical vertebra and spine. For people: it is suitable for children and adolescents aged 4-16 years old who are still in the development of skull head and facial nerves and muscles. It helps to protect the neck and promote deep sleep which is conducive to intellectual development and healthy growth. Bidirectional use: matching sleep position and sinking memory automatically. Using it according to your own sleep habits and selecting high or low direction so as to make the best support and care of cervical vertebra.

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